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Sandbox December 24, 2017

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This contest will allow you to test your programming skills by creating an artificial intelligence (strategy) to control a large amount of units (vehicles) in a special game world. This year’s rules are made in such way that actions that are available to your strategy are similar to actions in common games of RTS genre. There is also a limitation on the amount of actions in one game time unit. Each game you will confront another player’s strategy. You need to earn more score than your opponent to win. Score is given for different game actions. Complete elimination of your enemy will give you a large amout of points, which almost neutralizes other achievements during the game. It is possible to kill enemy, but still lose by score, but that is almost impossible. Score gained during the game is more important if neither of players succeeds in destroying the opponent in given time.

The battle is heppening on different terrain types and with different weather that have influence on some of the vehicles’ parameters. In some stages there are neutral facilities on the map that you can conquer and produce new vehicles or gain other advantages. Games of the last stage will have fog of war.

The championship consists of several stages, starting with qualification in the Sandbox. The Sandbox is a contest that is being held during the whole period of the championship. During each stage a player has some rating value — an indicator of how well his strategy plays the game.

In Round 1 you are to learn the basics of the game and implement basic control of a large number of vehicles. In the beginning of the game you have 500 vehicles. Your opponent has the same. The task is — destroy! Easy enough. Round 1, as well as all further stages, consists of two parts, and a break between them (with Sandbox available) for participants to improve their strategies. In each part only the last submitted strategy before its beginning will take part. The games are held in waves. Each wave each player will participate in exactly one game. The number of waves each part is dictated by capabilities of the testing system, but is guarantied not less than ten. 300 participants with the best ratings will pass to Round 2. Also, 60 best players from the Sandbox (at the moment of the beginning of Round 2) will be allowed to participate in Round 2.

In Round 2 you will have to improve your skills of controlling your vehicles. There will also now be neutral facilities on the map which you can conquer gaining advantages over the opponent. The game is harder since a part of weak strategies from Round 1 will be eliminated and you will have to face stronger players. After Round 2 the best 50 strategies will pass to the Finals. Also, 10 players with the greatest rating in the Sandbox will be allowed to the Finals.

The Finals is the most serious stage. After elimination only the strongest will remain, and in each game you will face one of them. In the Finals fog of war is enabled that limits vision range of your vehicles. The strategy will have information about terrain and weather, as well as all facilities on the map. But in order to find ount information about far pieces of the map strategies will have to send some vehicles to explore. Other rules are the same as in Round 2. Games of the Finals are held in a different way. The stage is still two parts, but the games are not held in waves anymore. In each part there will be a game for each pair of the Finals participants. If time and capabilities of the system allow it, the operation will be repeated.

The best strategies will receive enjoyable prizes:

Information about prizes is unavailable