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The next week of AI Cup has passed, and we are ready to report on the work done. And it was done a lot.

We have made significant efforts to improve the system’s performance and stability. This may not be directly visible to the participants, but this is always the case: failures in work create discontent, and normal functioning is taken for granted.

Obviously, the amount of data in this year’s task has challenged not only the testing system, but also the strategies of the participants, an integral part of which is a special client interacting with the game simulator. These clients were written in ancient times, in the age of the legendary first tanks. For a long time their work completely satisfied us and participants. But this year they began to malfunction. Weak links in the chain were the clients on Python 2, Python 3, Ruby, and… of course, C++. Not without the help of the community, these clients carried out extensive work. Their performance has increased noticeably, leaving more time for the work of the main logic of the strategy. A number of minor improvements to user packages in other languages have also been made.

The set of available languages over the past week has been significantly expanded. Now, in addition to the standard set, you can develop your strategy on Scala, Kotlin, Go, Swift and Rust. Many thanks to all the participants who contributed to the development and support of these packages.

The rules of the game since the end of the beta test have not fundamentally changed, but a number of typos have been fixed, some controversial points have been described in more detail. If you still have some incomprehensible moments, download the latest version and go write the code! There are only 4 days left until Round 1.


  • added Nim devkit.



Сбербанк Технологии

But Groovy is not planned to be added?

Nov 23, 2017 12:43:12 PM


Russian AI Cup Team



Сбербанк Технологии

But Groovy is not planned to be added?

No, if you do not prepare the package for Groovy. If you consider the approval and support of the package, in the framework of the current championship it will not be relevant.

Nov 23, 2017 1:59:50 PM